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Fall 2020 Nutrition/Lifestyle Challenge


As we jump into the 2020 school year we will attempt to reset our bodies and increase our fitness, productivity, and happiness. From Sep 30 - Nov 4 we will partake in the Fall 2020 Nutrition/Lifestyle Challenge. We will follow a simple prescription for nutrition. Eat lean meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise, but not body fat. We will follow an equally simple prescription for our lifestyle. Avoid alcohol. Sleep 7+ hours each night. Consume each one of your meals sitting at a table without a screen. Workout 5 days per week. In these simple prescriptions we will find the guidelines for our 5 week challenge. The rules are as follows:

We will provide you a simple 32 oz, 3 compartment, meal prep container.

Each meal you consume should fit into this container in the correct portions. Lean proteins in the first 8 oz compartment, carbohydrates in the second 8 oz compartment (we will provide you a list), and plants and vegetables in the 16 oz compartment. You will also consume a small handful of healthy fat with each meal.

Each meal must be built from real food. If it had a mother, grew out of the ground, or was picked from a tree or a stalk its food. If it has a shelf life, or comes in a box or bag, it is most likely a manmade edible food like substance and should be avoided. If your budget allows it, eat the highest quality food you can find. Free range beef, grass fed chicken, wild caught seafood, organic produce, etc.

If your current body weight is 165+ you will be allowed to eat 4 meals each day. If you are under 165 you will be allowed to eat 3 meals each day.

There are no snacks allowed between meals.

No Alcohol. Health benefits aside, we want you to experience the positive effects of taking alcohol out of your daily or weekly lives.  

NO SUGAR. AT ALL. Sugar is a toxin. Consumption of added sugar has been implicated in increased risk of a variety of chronic diseases including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Not to mention it will negatively affect the results of this challenge. 

Sleep is more important than working out. No amount of working out can undo the negative effects of a poor night sleep.

All meals must be eaten sitting down at a table. When we’re stressed and rushed we are in Fight or Flight mode. Our bodies do not digest food or absorb nutrients properly, no matter how high the quality of food is. 


No screens at the table. Phones, tablets, computers, tv- even in the background- are not allowed. All too often we find ourselves distracted by all of the information flying around out there. Take some time to be present while you eat. Even if it is just with yourself.

Workout. 5 days a week. Hard and fast. Bring the intensity and leave any negative thoughts or feelings you have at the door.

$30 Buy-In

1st Place - $300 / 2nd Place - $200 / 3rd Place - $100 

Placing will be determined by two categories: Commitment and Results.

These two categories go hand in hand. Those who demonstrate the most commitment will undoubtedly have the most gains in lean muscle mass quality of life and happiness, and loss of body fat and inches.

The Challenge begins Monday, Sep 30 and ends Mon Nov 4 (The CrossFit Games Open begins October 10th). We will hold a nutrition workshop/weigh in on Sep 26 at 7 pm. During the workshop we will weigh in, setup your tracking sheet, explain the rules for the challenge, answer questions, and give you guidance on how to be successful. If you can not attend, you will have until close of business Sep 30 to weigh in.